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Logan S

Here is a young man who a few years ago was heavily addicted to narcotics and thoughtlessly seeking out and accepting whatever other drugs came his way — and who was unable to work.

Now free of drugs save coffee and nicotine, he is working full time, and aiming towards a very realistic dream of becoming a therapist.

Logan completed his first month at RCY on November 22, just days after his 24th birthday. He has attended class five to six times per week since his first visit

My wish is that anyone who reads this, who is so inclined and who has the means, join forces to help further this young man’s dream. Many thanks to RCY student Stacey Scott for paying Logan’s November and December dues. If you too would like to sponsor Logan, please either contact me (804-928-6677) or choose the month(s) below to sponsor Logan via electronic payment. 

Read more about Logan here.

January Dues Sponsored by:  Mike Ramey

February Dues Sponsored by:  Deirdra Barr

March’s Dues Sponsored by:  Katie Baron

April’s Dues Sponsored by:  Anonymous

May’s Dues Sponsored by:  Deirdra Barr

Sponsor Logan’s June Dues:

Sponsor Logan’s July Dues:

Sponsor Logan’s August Dues:

Sponsor Logan’s September Dues:

Sponsor Logan’s October Dues:


If you would like to sponsor an ex-inmate or indigent student, we gratefully accept contributions to that end. We will inform you how your money is allocated, and if you wish, arrange an introduction to the financially needy student. As we are not a non-profit entity, such contributions are not tax deductible.

The studio and the students are very grateful for your sponsorship.

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