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From City Jail to City Yoga: The Strange Journey of Billy Scruggs

Billy Scruggs

Instead of leaving jail with the usual mentality of wanting to stuff one’s starved senses with all manner of worldly pleasure, my awesome friend, Billy Scruggs, remains fully aware of how good it feels to be clean, clear, patient and focused — and is attending “90 meetings in 90 days” to be sure never to forget how chaotic and crazy it was to try to manage life as a heroin addict.  Billy developed his perspective during 33 months of incarceration in which he took full advantage of the rehabilitative and academic programs offered by the old Richmond City Jail.

So, since January 5th, I’ve seen a rare thing: a guy gets released from a long jail sentence and is immediately on track, continuing his recovery and rehabilitation with his priorities intact, supported by his foundational daily yoga practice.  

Billy rises before the sun every morning for coffee and 10 sun salutations before riding his bike to the west end YMCA for a workout, and then heading to his father’s house — where he just finished putting in a new bathroom from floor to ceiling.  And Billy bikes and buses downtown four to five times a week in freezing temperatures for a full practice at Richmond City Yoga. 

Read more about Billy here.

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